Saturday 11 May 2013

Winners and Losers, but Mostly Winners

Changes to the MCS Photovoltaic Energy Calculation

The solarblogger has been working on a briefing document about how the new MCS PV Guide has changed the landscape for solar photovoltaic installation companies in the UK.

I've reproduced the results of the analysis below, speaks for itself really.  For more details on how it was arrived at, read the briefing here.

Here's a thought.

If the EU Trade War with China adds 50% to the cost of PV modules (BBC News reports the average is 47%), and if the modules are around 40% of the total installed cost of a domestic system, then the cost increase to domestic customers will be about 20%.

The increase in the MCS energy estimate maintains the return on investment for customers....well, so long as they live in Kent.