Online Debt Collection Service

A word about our sponsor

Credit XS is an online debt collection service to help small and medium sized businesses collect overdue invoices.  Many such companies do not have a credit control specialist on the team, so chasing customers for unpaid invoices falls to the MD or financial controller.

No one likes making (what they feel are) difficult phone calls, so chasing up for payment often takes second place to more important activities such as winning new business.

Credit XS chases overdue invoices for you.  It only takes two minutes to fill out the web form and tell us about the people who owe you money.  Our experience is that most hold-out debtors pay quickly once they realise it's got serious.  Our credit controllers are professional and polite at all times, but the credible threat of legal action indicates to the debtor that things have got serious.  Most pay in a short time and move on to funding their business by taking extended credit from other suppliers instead.  You only pay the fee once Credit XS brings in the debt.

It's good practice for a business to run a tight debtor book.  The longer an invoice remains unpaid, the higher is the chance you'll get caught out with a bad debt and have to write off all that money.  Maybe you're having to fund your business with an overdraft or loan - bringing in invoices on time will reduce your borrowings and interest costs.